It's not a Job, it's a Career


I recently found myself in a bit of a bind....

The student loan and scholarship funds had almost dried up, when Mom and Dad informed me (over text...) that they were closing the family wallet for good. Yes, my friends, I needed to find a job. And not just a summer gig working at the pool. I needed to find something that would put pizza on the table and the newest iPhone in my hand for the rest of my days. Gasp! I needed a career.

So I did what I always do when I’m looking for something I know absolutely nothing about: I fired up Google.



Good news! There are dozens of careers out there. And hundreds of job search sites. And so many thousands of companies. And so, so much advice. And so, so, so many millions of questions I was supposed to be asking myself and others: workplace environment? Potential for growth? Company values? Culture? Too! Much! Information! Brain... shutting... down...

After a short nap and a dozen Oreos, I regained my composure.


Then it hit me. Finding a career isn’t hard. It’s finding the right career that’s the challenge. I would need to do more than a couple Google searches. I would have to turn this into a research project, topic: Find Myself a Career.

Now, I definitely have the skills to do a bang up research project (shout out to Prof Heller!). But how was I going to wrangle all this info from all these different job and advice sites into one organized, easy-to-read place?

Well, fellow internet person, that’s where PowerNotes comes in. What is PowerNotes, you ask? It is the absolute best tool to use when you’re conducting a job search.  

You can grab content and info from any website, categorize it, add your own notes, click done, and PowerNotes automatically puts all that into an outline. It takes the massive, tangled mess of job info on the web, and helps you toss the garbage, and organize the rest into clear, digestible snippets.

Long story short, I went from overwhelmed to on-my-game, and I have PowerNotes to thank. But let’s not go overboard, those 3 job interviews I got lined up? That’s all me.


Finally, here’s some of what I’ve learned so far. Remember that a job is more than a paycheck. You’ll be spending most of your waking hours there, so you have to be happy. You want to work with a company that’s going somewhere, and that will help you get somewhere, too. So do your research. PowerNotes can help.

Good luck!