Cats on a plane


I have not been looking forward to moving with 2 cats...

Jane Austen, Parker Armand, and I are moving from Chicago to New York in July. As their human, it is my responsibility to get Parker and Jane there safely. There is one catch: they are The Worst Travelers Ever. They are so bad that we don’t even go to the vet’s office; we have to do house calls.

Driving to NYC is not an option. I’m not much of a driver and 12 hours of them yowling and trying to sit on the dashboard would not be fun.

powernotes cats driving

They’re going to have to settle for a 90-minute flight from O’Hare to JFK.

I know of two other people who have flown with their cats. Not an ideal amount of data, but what could go wrong? They get loose and this turns into a Cats On A Plane scenario? Using my friends advice and, I’ve concluded the best option is to get two crates, put a cat in each, and for me and my partner to place them under the seats in front of us (just another instance of my cats having no regard for my personal space).

I began to investigate the different airlines and bookmarking pages with useful information. Sometimes during the course of my research, I get distracted by The Internet. Then, when I was ready to continue my Official Cat Airline Ticket Research, I resigned myself to redoing my research because my bookmarks were disorganized and I wasn’t in the mood to sort through them. This is where PowerNotes comes in handy. Goodbye research chaos!


As I gathered information on airlines and their pet policies, I used the Chrome Extension to dump it all into my PowerNotes project and organized it on the PowerNotes website. When I was ready to share the info with my partner, I just downloaded my project to a word doc and emailed it to him.

We eventually picked the airline that seemed to have the friendliest pet policy and booked two human tickets online before calling and making special reservations for Parker and Jane.

My only concern at this point is making sure Parker doesn’t eat too much before the trip. Apparently there is a weight limit for each pet, and Parks is...big boned.


Lessons learned:

  1. If your pet can fit under the seat in a pet carrier, there is no need to put ‘em in the hold during a domestic flight.

  2. You will need to buy them a ticket.

  3. Moving with pets is stressful.

  4. I do a lot more for my cats than I do for most humans.

Organizing your life is a lot easier with PowerNotes (stay tuned for Part II, The Search for the Perfect Apartment).