Improving the Quality of Source-Based Writing Through Better Process

Start here to get an overview of why we created PowerNotes and how it can help students, instructors, and administrators.


PowerNotes employs a patent-pending process called Progressive Organization to build organization directly into the fabric of inquiry and research processes.

The science behind powernotes

Details on how we built PowerNotes to address the negative impacts of screen reading, facilitate research organization, and prevent plagiarism.

Video & FLyer Overviews

Short videos and flyers demonstrating the value of PowerNotes and how it can help writing instructors and administrators.

Partner institutions

A list of schools that have partnered with PowerNotes to provide their students with a better research and writing process.

PowerNotes vs. Reference Management tools

PowerNotes is fundamentally different than citation tools like Zotero, RefWorks, EndNote, and EasyBib. This post contrasts PowerNotes and citation managers feature-by-feature.

PowerNotes vs. Web Clippers

PowerNotes is designed to streamline academic research, while web clippers like OneNote and EverNote are meant to save general information from the web. This post distinguishes the most common web clippers from PowerNotes based on efficiency and features.