Recommended Launch Schedules

Examples of how PowerNotes can be launched at undergraduate institutions and law schools using a mix of media platforms. 

Below, you'll find activities that correspond with our launch schedules. 


1. In-Class Launch

This is our preferred method of launching PowerNotes. In-Class launches are the most effective means of getting adoption, with more than 90% of students adopting. We like to target classes with 1 or more source-based writing assignments as they are the most relevant to users.

In-class launches should occur:

  • During normal class time: attendance is significantly lower for “optional” sessions

  • When computers are out: so that students can sign up immediately

  • With requirement or recommendation from instructor: a short demo can be given with recommendation

PowerNotes can provide webinars to train instructors prior to in-class launch or PowerNotes can present in-class via webinar. Instructors can provide students with PowerNotes online support pages here.

For an example of a successful in-class launch, see this case study where Boston University School of Law launched PowerNotes in their first-year research and writing classes. Nearly all of the first-year class adopted PowerNotes.


2. Webinars

Webinars are one of the most effective means of getting adoption, with up to 40% of viewers adopting. PowerNotes can conduct a demonstration for groups of students or faculty. Typical webinars are for:

  • Research & writing classes - typically freshman writing or composition for undergrads, 2nd semester 1Ls for law students

  • Advanced research and writing and seminar classes

  • Academic journals - for incoming Editorial Boards in the spring and new members in fall

  • Moot court boards (law) - prior to problems being released

  • Research assistants

For best attendance, webinars for classes should be scheduled at the normal class time to be effective, and webinars with other groups should be scheduled for standard meeting times.

For an example of how webinars were used to support a successful in-class launch, see this case study where writing instructors were trained by PowerNotes via webinar ahead of their in-class launches.

Interested in a webinar? Contact the PowerNotes team to setup a date and time that works for you.

3. Emails from school

Emails can be highly effective if they are timely, customized, and discuss a single topic. We have drafted sample email copy for use with the following groups:

The timing of these emails should also be considered and they should be sent when most relevant to the audience (i.e., when papers are assigned or just prior to problem distribution for Moot Court students).

To see how emails can be used to support a successful in-class launch, see this case study on how librarians used emails to the first-year class to get students thinking about PowerNotes ahead of their in-class launch.


4. Student Promotion

Peers are one of the best means to grow adoption. The library can enlist student employees and PowerNotes may hire on-campus representatives to spread the word about PowerNotes. Here are a list of student activities that can be effective:

While we can provide copy guidance, for student promotion to succeed, it should be authentic.

5. Social Media

Regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great way to remind students about the benefits and features of PowerNotes. We have prepared some copy for various social media platforms here.

6. blogs & Newsletters

Featuring PowerNotes in a blog post or newsletter can help to spread the word to potential users. These formats provide a platform for longer explanations of the benefits and features. The readership of these platforms, however, can be low among students. We have prepared some copy for blog and newsletter formats here.

7. Ads, flyers, and Printable Materials

A lot of Millennials have a natural ability to tune out ads, but they can still be useful to build brand awareness. We have prepared ad materials for law students and undergraduate students including flyers, postcards, electronic ads, table tents, and logos that you can download here.