A quick step-by-step guide on how to get set up on PowerNotes and start organizing your research. 


Video Tutorials

Short videos demonstrating the major features of PowerNotes for undergraduate and law students.

TIPS, TRICKS, and hacks

This post has little things we’ve built into the product or discovered by our users to help you get the most out of PowerNotes.

Partner Institutions

Here's a list of school PowerNotes is partnered with. Sign up with your school email address to get free premium access.

Make that 1st draft easier

Learn how to use PowerNotes to transform your research into better written work product.


Freeform notes

You don’t have to make a highlight to add a note to a project. Freefrom notes (blank notecards) allow you to add a thought, a note on a non-digital source, or anything else to your work.

taking and organizing CLASS notes

Let PowerNotes help you save, organize, and track all your digital content, whether it’s in a professor’s syllabus or something you found using Google.

Automatic Citation

A quick guide on how to use PowerNotes to keep track of citation information on websites, academic databases, and legal databases.

How to do more than just quote with PowerNotes

How to use PowerNotes to paraphrase, summarize, and conduct more complex analyses of source materials.

Using PowerNotes to Research, Draft, & Argue the 1L Brief

Learn how an NYU law student used PowerNotes for her brief, note, and more.

All POwernotes features

A complete rundown of all PowerNotes features.