PowerNotes gives instructors a view into the student's research process. Here's how to use that vision to provide feedback on things like research organization, paraphrasing, and summarization.

Transitioning from Topical to Conceptual outlines

According to students, transitioning from research to writing is the most difficult part of source-based writing. See how PowerNotes can facilitate that transition with its flexible outlining features.


These tips can help you use PowerNotes to deter students from behaviors that can lead to serious consequences.

How PowerNotes Facilitates Proper Source Use

PowerNotes isn’t just for saving and organizing quotes. See how PowerNotes can help students paraphrase, summarize, and conduct more complex analyses of source materials.

Lesson Plans

Benefit from assignments designed by instructors using PowerNotes in the classroom to teach rhetorical analysis, paragraph structure, paper flow, and more.

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All POwerNotes Features

A complete rundown of all PowerNotes features.