This lesson plan teaches students how to understand the meaning of an article better by knowing where to look for key questions and insights and to see their readings as models for their own writing.

This assignment familiarizes students with academic sources by asking them to read an article and use PowerNotes to summarize or paraphrase and reflect on three particular passages leading to an in-class dialog on reading comprehension.

This assignment asks students to practice rhetorical analysis by using PowerNotes to identify, categorize, and annotate various parts of articles and essays pursuant to Joseph Bizup’s “BEAM” rubric.

This exercise asks students to examine sentence structure in an effort to decipher meaning and affect.

Students will riddle the proper order of essay paragraphs that have been mixed up. This exercise asks students to use PowerNotes to reorder the parts of an existing draft in order to examine how re-structuring their writing impacts the work.