Mom on a mission


when there are simply not enough hours in the day...


The baby is crying. The toddler has an unknown rash that isn’t subsiding. The elementary schooler needs specialized UV-protective swim shirts for classes that start next week. My husband is on a business trip, I still don’t know what to make for dinner, and I must book a hotel and flight for my cousin’s wedding today. Yup, sounds like a normal day for me.


In between being on hold for the pediatrician’s office and tending to a baby who didn’t nap, I have been able to find a few helpful websites for the 30 things I need to do and now have multiple tabs open on my computer. Then it crashes. Luckily I starred a few important pages, but when I went back to look for them, they are lost in the abyss of other starred pages I planned to revisit but never did.

Normally when this happens, I would pour myself a glass of wine and scramble to get things done so I could maybe (and that’s a big MAYBE) get more than four hours of sleep that night.

For 2017 my goal was to work smarter, not harder! I realized I spent way too much time and effort researching things online for my family. Normally when I found something I needed, I would either star it, email it to myself, print it out, or write a note to myself on a post-it. This was a disorganized, chaotic system which did nothing to calm my anxieties.

Then a friend of mine recommended PowerNotes. My first thought was “I don’t have enough time to learn a new tool", but I looked into it anyways and I’m glad I did. Turned out it took zero time to learn and I jumped right into my research.


I installed the Chrome Extension and went about my research as normal. All I had to do was highlight what caught my eye (whereas before I would have emailed everything to myself in a thread of 10+ emails) and voilá!! PowerNotes saved the important passages of text I wanted to look at later and let me write my own notes underneath what I highlighted. PowerNotes also linked me back to the original passage I highlighted - not just to the page, but it scrolled right to  my highlights! Gone are the days of trying to remember why I wanted to go back to that website in the first place and re-reading the entire page to refresh my memory.

When my husband came home that night, I was able to pull up all my research in PowerNotes and go over it with him in a super efficient and organized manner. From the outline page, we could delete things, reorganize, and add more notes to what I had gathered earlier. In the end, we had an awesome outline of kid-friendly activities and events that we want to tackle this summer.