Planning My Summer With PowerNotes


It happens every year.

As the temperature soars, so do the number of concerts, events, and festivals. Friends email me links, my Facebook feed shows me one cool event after another, and I read more and more articles and posts. Regardless of how interested I am in something, I inevitably forget about 90% of them.


The FOMO stops here. This year I’ve taken a new approach to organizing and keeping track of summer events.


Using PowerNotes, I created a “Summer Happenings” Project. I organized my project by month, creating May, June, August, and September topics. Now, whenever I find something that peaks my interest I just highlight the event name, make a note with the important details, and file it under the month it falls in.

So far, I have 5 events lined up just for this week:

  • Mother's Day ice cream
  • A Cub's game
  • Cocktails at a new rooftop bar
  • Lunch at the a new poke place by the office
  • And opening night at a museum

Not wanting to explore all these events on my lonesome, I downloaded my project and have emailed it out to my friends, mom, and boyfriend to see who wants to join me in these summer adventures.


Beyond being a super useful way to create a summer agenda, I can also see myself using PowerNotes to keep track of other stuff such as creating a trip itinerary (I’m going to Japan for the first time in August), apartment research (my lease is up in October), and keeping track of things I think would make good gifts for friends and family (no more scrambling for a birthday or Christmas)!