Student Promotion




“75% of [Millennials] identified peers as the source of ‘truth’ at the moment of making a purchase.” - Edelman Earned Brand Study 2015

Peers are one of the best means to grow adoption. We are planning to build in ways for students to easily tell other students about PowerNotes. For now, we should encourage students to spread the word:

  • Library affiliated students: put them to work promoting PowerNotes and they can get the same benefits as the PowerNotes heavy users.

  • PowerNotes heavy users: if they become promoters, we can provide them with free lifetime access, early access to new features, PowerNotes branded materials, and other promotions.



Here is a list of activities we have found to be effective when carried out by student users:

  • Emailing student body through school listserv (with permission)

  • Posting in student Facebook groups (tend to be grad year specific groups)

  • Talks to student groups they are part of (or scheduling a webinar for us to introduce PowerNotes to their student group)

  • Tabling in common areas

  • Spread via word-of-mouth

While we can provide copy guidance, for student promotion to succeed, it should be authentic.