One of the most effective means of getting adoption with up to 40% of viewers adopting.

PowerNotes can conduct a demonstration for groups of students or faculty. Typical webinars are for:

  • Research & writing classes - typically first year for undergrads, 2nd semester 1L for law

  • Advanced research and writing  and seminar classes

  • Academic journals - for incoming Editorial Boards in the spring and new members in fall

  • Moot court boards - prior to problems being released (law)

  • Research assistants

For best attendance: webinars for classes should be scheduled at the normal class time to be effective and webinars with other groups should be scheduled for standard meeting times.



Before fall term - Instructors teaching writing, research, or seminars

Start of fall term - Journal members or boards at topic selection or similar meeting (law)

Mid-fall term - Moot court boards prior to problem release (law)

Start of spring term - Research and writing classes at start of semester + 1L research and writing classes ahead of open memo or brief (law)