What Project Should You Finally Start?


I know there are a lot of worthwhile activities I could do be doing instead of binging on Netflix…

But the idea of where to start and how to keep stuff organized gets overwhelming, so I just click Play Next Episode.

PowerNotes has motivated me to get out of my Netflix rut.

Even if I don’t feel like it or don’t have the time to do a deep dive into a project, I can quickly create the project in PowerNotes. All I have to do is give it a name, description, and maybe list out a few topics.


I’ve used this strategy for both personal and work related projects.

On the personal front, I’ve create a slew of projects - Urban Gardening, Wedding Season Outfits, Summer Trip Ideas, and Puppy Research (to name a few).

For work I’ve been exploring Social Media Marketing Research, Blog Post Ideas, and Copywriting Tips.


Now, whenever I’m cruising the interwebs and something catches my eye, I can enable the PowerNotes Extension and with just a couple of clicks I can drop the info into the relevant project.


Thanks to PowerNotes, not only have a got the ball rolling on some things that I had just written off as 'never gonna happen', but I've even completed some more pressing projects.

What's more impressive than PowerNotes actually getting me to complete some projects, is that I think it has helped me to create better projects because of all of the time-saving and organizational features built into the tool. 

Don’t lose track of your ideas or to-do list(s) with PowerNotes!